**Tour itinerary & & dometic flight are subject to change without any prior notice. Any leaving during tour will be liable to additional charges.**
Foodist Specials: ~    BBQ 8 Coloured Meats + Golden Fried Rice + Bean Paste Seafood Soup: Using 8 types of herbs like ginseng, red wine, pine leaves, curry and etc to marinate meats. Differentiating from the mildest to the s
Kuala Lumpur-Incheon

Assemble at Kuala Lumpur International Airport for your flight to the capital of Korea ~ Seoul.

Incheon- Jeju Island
(Meal on board / L: SHABU SHABU WITH DOLSOT BIBIMBAP / D: KOREA STLYE BBQ) Hotel : Oriental or similar class (5*)

Arriving at Incheon International Airport, transfer to Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village: has lots of paintings of famous fairy tales. Ordinary houses' walls are covered with beautiful wall paintings. Sinchon: the collection of trendy stores, bars, and delicious cuisine draws out throngs of college students and other freethinkers year-round, making this one of the most creative and energetic places in the city. Then we will go on to Gimpo Airport for a domestic flight to Jeju Island. Here, we will visit the Mysterious Road, followed with Yongdunam Rock-the legendary dragon where the lava from the volcanic Hallasan meets the sea and turns into a dragon head.

Jeju Island
(Hotel / L: Black Pork / D: Abalone (2pcs each) Seafood Hotpot ) Hotel : Oriental or similar class (5*)

After breakfast will proceed on to Seongsan Ilchubong, one of the 360 non active volcano of Hallasan and the largest volcanic crater by the sea in the world. Takes only about 30 minutes to hike up the peak for a magnificent view especially during sunset. Seongup Folk Village with its about 400+ strawhouses will be the place to see and feel the livelihood of the local community that is preserved till now. Jeju Island is no stranger to theme museums and is now home to Hello Kitty Island – a museum, café, and gift shop dedicated to bringing the famous feline to life.. Then will proceed on to the biggest Camellia garden in the world; Camellia Hill that spans over 172,000sq m is home to 6,000 camellia trees of 500 different species. Next will visit the 3D Trick Art Museum for some two dimensional paintings in three dimensions by creating illusion. Next will go shopping at the Tapdong Underground Shopping Centre.

Jeju Island/Seoraksan
(Local Restaurant- Abalone Porridge / L: Chuncheon Chicken & Rice cake / D: Cuttlefish & Pork) Hotel : Pine Ridge Resort or similar class (5*)

After breakfast, will take a domestic flight to Gimpo Airport then visit Nami Island, the location site for famous K Drama ‘Winter Sonata’ that attracts tourist from local and aboard. A nice stroll in the park under the trees in the autumn breeze. Then Daepohaeng Fish Market where you can buy dried seafood. Continue Hajodae Light House, an unmanned white lighthouse where you can enjoy the scenery of the Hajodae Beach from its top.

(Hotel / L: Long Leg Crab / D: DIY Ginseng Chicken ) Hotel : Oak Valley Resort or similar class (5*)

After breakfast, will visit the Seoraksan National Park including a cable car ride to see the beautiful views of the mountainous rocks that is different in all seasons. And will visit Sinheungsa temple that houses the biggest sitting Bronze Jwabul Statue. Then continue to visit the ginseng farm, DIY Kimchi and try on Hanbok for a photo session & DIY Ginseng chicken.l

(Hotel / L: - / D: SOONG KEE-Potato Pork) Hotel : Marygold or similar class (5*)

After breakfast, will visit the biggest outdoor theme park in Korea Everland (including all day pass) that caters to the young and old alike. Then visit Multicolored Star Village, 2 times per year to replace the theme, Currently according to different seasonal theme show is divided into pring, summer, autumn and winter four blocks, The 100,000 bulbs light up the night sky, A total of more than 500 works, Pink represents full of life in the spring, Vivid green represents summer, red for The red in autumn, And white represents winter romantic white world. Then to watch the entertaining Bibimbap Show. Then will go to the biggest fashion wholesale market Dongdaemun for some shopping.

(Local Restaurant / L: Under the sea Buffet / D: BBQ 8 MEATS & Golden fried rice ) Hotel : Marygold or similar class (5*)

After breakfast, will visit the Ginseng Centre, Herbal Liver and Gyeongbuk Palace that is the biggest palace grounds in Korea that was built in 1394. Then will proceed on to the presidential grounds of the Blue House and Cheongwadae Sarangchae, a place to learn about Korean culture and the history of former Korean presidents. Then will visit the Cosmetics Centre. After that towards Myeongdong shopping and Duty Free Shop. *On Tuesdays the Gyeongbuk Palace is Closed and will be replaced by Deoksugong Palace.

Seoul/Incheon Airport
(Local restaurant/ L: Token5000won /-)

After breakfast, will visit the location for the hit series ‘From The Stars’- Namsan Park (Love Lock Wall). Lastly, will visit the local products for some souvenirs to bring back home. Proceed to Tongin Market (each person will be given 5000won worth of tokens), there are 75 stalls to shop about and sample some local snacks and delicacies. You may also be able to experience the local wet market that sells vegetables, fruits, seafood and others. After that transfer to Incheon Airport for a safe flight home.

**以上行程只供参考, 正确行程乃依据当地接待社安排为佳, 内陆航班有变动或延迟怒不另行通知,如中途离团另费用**
時尚饕客 獨家美食推薦: l   浩角響起強加力大推之 “八色烤肉+黃金炒飯+大醬海鮮湯” :
第 1


第 2
(机上用餐 / 午:涮涮锅+石头砂锅拌饭 / 晚:韩式烤肉) 酒店 : Oriental or similar class (5*)

乘搭班机飞往韩国仁川机场,驱车前往松月洞童话村,很多以世界童话名著为主题的壁画和童话世界里的童话人物,五彩斑斓、栩栩如生,仿佛在邀请你光临他的童话世界。前往之后送往国内机场,乘搭班机飞往济州岛。乘车前往一段斜坡路也称为神奇之路。接着前往龙头岩–神话传说中的一条巨龙, 是由汉拿火山口噴出的熔岩在海上凝結而成, 模樣有如”龙头”。

第 3
(酒店内 / 午: 濟州黑豬烤肉 / 晚:海鮮鮑魚總匯 - 每人2粒鮑魚) 酒店 : Oriental or similar class (5*)

早餐后, 前往由火山熔岩形成的城山日出峰, 漢拏山360個止火焰山之一,也是世界最大的突出於海岸的火山口,攀登30分鐘左右到山頂;由此也可觀看日落,加上可以瞭望一片廣闊的牧場,美不勝收,令人嘆為觀止續, 前往城邑民俗村 位於漢拏山的山腰地區,是保存著民俗資料、濟州傳統建築及文化最為完整的地方現時仍然有四現時仍然有四百多棟民居、舊校舍等,都是以茅草來覆蓋,用石頭築成 .... 。然后再前往山茶花四季公园,面積達172,000平方公尺的Camellia Hill擁有世界上最大的山茶花、花期最早的山茶花,以及散發香味的山茶花,共計有500多種、6000多株的山茶花樹聚集在此。續前往濟州島 Hello Kitty Island 這是集合Hello Kitty 博物館,咖啡廳和禮品店和貓科動物的生活展示館。這四個故事的博物館旨在讓遊客體驗“全面性的凱蒂貓”,包括她的歷史顯示,一個3-D視頻節目,和大型的Hello Kitty的房子,你可以看到在每間客房標誌性的小貓的配件。-最后前往3D错觉艺术馆,齊聚歐州各國50多位世界名畫家的作品,將其原著巧妙的加以變化,分門別類的擺放在這七大主題館館內,具藝術性科學性的教學,讓參觀的遊客們對繪畫有突破性的改觀;其巧妙的利用視覺感觀上的遠近感、燈光折射的明暗度以及3D立體圖案,讓人產生錯覺,彷彿身入其中對藝術產生共鳴。晚間前往塔洞地下街自由購物。 (油菜花田限定: 15/APR-05/JUNE/2017) (櫻花季限定: 大學路 25Mar- 03Apr 2017)

第 4
(當地餐廳 :鮑魚片粥 / 午:春川炒雞排&年糕 / 晚:海陸銅盘烤肉-魷魚鮮肉鍋) 酒店 : Daemyung Resort or similar class (5*)

早餐后,前往机场乘搭內陸班机返回金浦機場.續前往南怡島,是2002年電視劇“冬日戀歌”的攝影地,不但是國內遊客,連東南亞地區的許多遊客也慕名前來,成爲著名的旅遊勝地, 秋季更是賞楓盛地,一邊享受韓劇一邊享受美麗的森林小路,南怡島值得一遊。前往大浦漁市場體驗當地漁市海鮮;隨后前往河趙台燈塔-在河赵台跨过旁边的云桥,沿着10多米的绝壁走,白色的灯塔即可映入眼帘。

第 5
(酒店内 / 午: 長腳蟹吃到飽 / 晚 :自制人參雞) 酒店 : Oak Valley Resort or similar class (5*)

早餐后,前往雪岳山国家公园,雪岳山拥有雄伟的山景,山色随著四季更迭而 变化,为雪岳山奇岩峻石的刚硬线条更添几许柔媚。参观雪岳山最大的寺庙-神兴寺& 青銅寺 & 权金城缆车。(櫻花期 10-24Apr 2017) .之后前往韩国体验營,在此可以參觀韓國著名的高麗人參,還可以在老師的指導下親自製作泡菜,和體驗穿著漢服拍照, 还可以自制人参鸡。

第 6
(酒店內 /午:-- / 晚 : 宋記-馬鈴薯豬骨湯) 酒店 : Marygold or similar class (5*)

早餐后,乘车前往韩国迪斯尼乐园之称的爱宝乐园(包含全日票), 是一個结合了休闲, 娱乐, 敎育与文化的国际性渡假胜地。接着游览五彩星光村,每年更換2次主題,目前依四季主題不同展示分為春、夏、秋、冬4個區塊,由10萬顆燈泡點亮夜空、共計500多件作品,粉紅色就代表生意盎然的春天、綠色代表生動的夏天、紅色代表楓紅的秋天、以及白色代表冬季浪漫的雪白世界。之后前往觀賞石头班饭秀. 之後前往规模广大的东大门购物商场。

第 7
(當地餐廳 / 午:Under the Seafood 自助餐 / 晚:八色烤肉+黃金炒飯) 酒店 : Marygold or similar class (5*)

早餐后,前往人參專賣店,保肝專賣店,之后前往景福宮建於1394年的李朝時代的皇宮,共佔地12萬6 千坪,內舉行君王即位大典及文武百官朝禮儀式的勤政殿,用作迎賓館的慶會樓等建築,雄偉而富麗的殿閣,烘托出極盡榮華富貴的氣派。再前往青瓦壹舍廊房被称为韩国总统博物馆的“青瓦臺舍廊房”於2010年1月开始对外开放。“青瓦臺舍廊房”就位於韩国总统府青瓦臺旁边。之後前往化粧品專賣店。最後前往明洞和免稅店逛街購物。註:如遇每周二休館,則以【德壽宮】代替。(櫻花季限定: 漢江櫻花節 08-18Apr 2017)

第 8
(當地餐廳/午:小吃代幣won5000 /--)

早餐后,乘车前往今年最火红韩剧的来自星星的你拍摄地-南山公园(愛情鎖牆)。南山公园自古以来就是历史意义深远的地方。之后前往韩国土产店買一些道地食品和紀念品。 接着到通仁市场,每人发韩币5000代币,品尝道地韩式小吃,这里整體由75個店面所組成,以韓式小菜攤販等料理相關商店最多,其次為蔬菜與水果、海鮮等生鮮 產品。之後送往機場。

The above itinerary is for reference only, and is subject to any necessary changes in accordance to local requirements. 上述行程仅供参考,原则上本公司会尽量保持内容不变,然而正确行程乃依据当地接待社按当时实际情况重新调整后为准。