10天7晚 探索艳丽纳米比亚

Windhoek / Sossusvlei / Walvis Bay / Swakopmund / Khorixas / Etosha National Park
温得和克 / 索苏斯弗雷 / 沃尔维斯湾 / 斯瓦科普蒙德 / 霍里克萨斯 / 埃托沙国家公园
The Namib-Naukluft National Park. Central Namibia Region. Gaub and Kuiseb Canyons. Walvis Bay. Twyfelfontein. Himba village. Etosha National Park. Christ Church, Tintenpalast. Parliament Gardens. Rider Memorial. Schwerinsburg
Kuala Lumpur - Singapore
Meal on Board

- Assemble at Kuala Lumpur International Airport for your flight to Windhoek via Singapore transit at Addis Ababa. Fly on board where you will enjoy excellent cuisine, on board movies and not forgetting the well-known in-flight services.

Singapore - Addis Ababa - Windhoek
Meal on Board / Dinner Avani Winhoek Hotel or Similar local 4*
- Connect Intel flight - from Addis Ababa to Windhoek.
- Windhoek - the capital and largest city of the Republic of Namibia.
- Christ Church, Tintenpalast -  (Ink Palace – the houses of parliament), is the seat of both chambers of the Parliament of Namibia, the National Council and the National Assembly.
- Parliament Gardens - is a small park in downtown Windhoek and was originally called the Tintenpalast gardens.
- Rider Memorial - commonly known under its German original name Reiterdenkmal and the name Südwester Reiter (Rider of South West) is a statue in Windhoek.
- Train Station - is an important station in the Namibian rail network.
- Schwerinsburg - one of Windhoek’s three castles, and now the residence of the Italian ambassador. From here, one can see much of the stunning view of the city and where you get to know the comprehensive history of Windhoek and Namibia from colonial era to modern day.
Windhowk -380km- Sossusvlei
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Namibia Dessert Lodge or Similar
- Sossusvlei - is a salt and clay pan surrounded by high red dunes, located in the southern part of the Namibia Desert.
- The Namib-Naukluft National Park - Enjoy the sight of the beautiful orange-red sand dunes at Sossusvlei, Enormous sand dunes overlook the ethereal veils below. These sand dunes are often referred to as the highest dunes in the world. Experience the quiet tranquility and solitude of this distinctive region and clamber up one of these dunes for highly photogenic scenes on foot. The most popular dune to climb is Dune 45, so called because it lies 45 km past Sesriem on the road to Sossusvlei.
Sossusvlei -376km- Walvis Bay -42km- Swakopmund
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner The Delight Hotel or Similar local 4*
- Central Namibia Region - up to north via the small settlement of Solitaire. Along the way, see ancient desert plant species, Welwitschia mirabilis, and the erosion feature of the Moon Valley. Discover the medicinal and nutritional use of desert adapted flora, and delve into the secrets of the Welwitschia mirabilis and be evoke with the sense of being in a lunar landscape.
- Gaub and Kuiseb Canyons - take us to Swakopmund is a quaint town nestled between desert and ocean, is an example of German colonial architecture.
Swakopmund -42km- Walvis Bay -42km- Swakopmund
Breakfast / Seafood Lunch / Chinese Dinner The Delight Hotel or Similar local 4*

- Walvis Bay - cruise through the harbour and surrounding waters, where you will be accompanied by dolphins and sea birds. From the harbor, moving over to the Guano Platform and across the bay to Pelican Point, inquisitive seals jump onto the boat and you will see large colonies of Cape fur seals at a very close range on the dune sand at Pelican Point. What an opportunity to experience and make contact with these amazing sea animals.

Swakopmund -318km- Khorixas
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Darmaraland Camp or Similar

- Khorixas - previously the capital of the Damaraland Bantustan prior to Namibia’s independence.

- Twyfelfontein - Namibia’s first World Heritage site. Twyfelfontein is the single largest collection of Bushmen rock engravings on the African continent and in the world, is a historic area, dating back to 1000 AD. Look out for over 2500 depictions of animals, humans and strange and mystical glyphs on 200 rock slabs plus rock paintings.

Khorixas -227km- Etosha National Park
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Darmaraland Camp or Similar local 4*

- Himba village - unique local village, there is a pastoral people and are easily recognizable by their unique style of hair and dress. Here, discover the traditional lifestyle of Namibia’s indigenous people and explore their homes which are made from branches covered with clay mixed with cow dung and a thatched roof, their kraal and their cattle. Also, you will have the opportunity to meet with the Himba tribe and participate in their daily activities. Enjoy a traditional Himba dance called Ondjongo performed by them at the end of the tour.

Etosha National Park
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Darmaraland Camp or Similar local 4*

Etosha National Park - Southern Africa’s finest and most important Game Reserves. Is world renowned for its spectacular wildlife paradise. The open plains allow spectacular elevated game viewing from the jeep whilst on game drives. Experience an evening Game Drive, and search for elephants, lions, black and white rhinoceros, leopards, giraffe and various other animal species interacting in their natural environment. This drive includes waterhole visits and park exploration, ending with a sundowner at one of a number of spectacular viewpoints before proceeding for dinner.

Etosha National Park -414km- Windhoek - Addis Ababa - Singapore - Kuala Lumpur
Breakfast / Meal on Borad

- In the early morning, transfer back to Windhoek the airport for your return flight to Kuala Lumpur transit at Addis Ababa and via Singapore.

Arrive Kuala Lumpur

- Arrive in the morning bringing memorable moment trip in Namibia.

納米布-諾克盧福國家公園。 纳米布中部地区。 Gaub和库塞布峡谷。 沃尔维斯湾。 霍里克萨斯镇。 推菲尔泉。 辛巴村。 埃托沙国家公园。 基督教会。 骑士纪念碑。 什未林斯堡。
第 1
吉隆坡 - 新加坡

- 集合于吉隆坡国际机场乘坐航班飞往温得和克途经新加坡在亚的斯亚贝巴转机。在机上您可享用机上餐饮,机上电影,而且难以忘怀的机上服务。

第 2
新加坡 - 亚的斯亚贝巴 - 温得和克
机上用餐 / 晚餐 安凡妮赌场酒店当地4星或同级
- 连接航班 - 从亚的斯亚贝巴飞往温得和克。
- 温得和克 - 纳米比亚共和国首都。
- 基督教会, 温得和克墨宫 -(墨宫 -国会大厦), 国会花园。
- 骑士纪念碑 - 俗称德雷特登克马尔(Reiterdenkmal)然而苏德维斯特雷特(SüdwesterReiter)(西南骑士),是温得和克的一座雕像。
- 火车站 - 是纳米比亚铁路网中的重要站点。
- 什未林斯堡 - 是温得和克三座城堡之一,现在是意大利大使馆。从这里,可以看到许多令人惊叹的城市景观以及了解温得和克全面历史和纳米比亚的殖民地时代到现代。
第 3
温得和克 -380公里- 索苏斯弗雷
早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐 納米布沙漠旅館或同级
- 索苏斯弗雷 - 是位于纳米比亚沙漠南部环绕着盐和粘土盘的高红沙丘。
- 納米布 - 諾克盧福國家公園 - 欣赏索苏斯弗雷橙红色沙丘的艳丽视。貌壯德美沙丘俯瞰空灵飘渺下方。这沙丘被称为世界上最高的沙丘。体验独特平和宁静和孤独区域并步行登上沙丘之一可取得高效果拍摄镜头场景。最受欢迎沙丘爬沙丘45号,所谓位于45公里途径西斯里姆通往索苏斯弗雷的路上。
第 4
索苏斯弗雷 -376公里- 沃尔维斯湾 -42公里- 斯瓦科普蒙德
早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐 愉悦酒店当地4星或同级
- 纳米布中部地区 - 往北行驶接龙处继续路程。一路上,看到古老沙漠植物类品种,百岁兰杆菌,以及侵蚀特征的月亮谷。探索适应沙漠的植物用于药品和营养品用途,深入探讨百岁兰的秘密唤起人们在月球景观中的感觉。
- Gaub和库塞布峡谷 - 带领我们到斯瓦科普蒙德。斯瓦科普蒙德是位于沙漠和海洋之间的古朴小镇,是德国殖民时期建筑的典范。 
第 5
斯瓦科普蒙德 -42公里- 沃尔维斯湾 -42公里- 斯瓦科普蒙德
早餐 / 海鲜午餐 / 中式晚餐 愉悦酒店当地4星或同级

沃尔维斯湾 - 乘船游览海港和周围的海域,您可会有海豚和海鸟陪同。从海港,移动到鸟粪平台和跨越湾到鹈鹕点,好奇的海豹们跳上了船还有您可看成全结伴在海角的海狗们在鹈鹕专区沙丘上。到你会看到大量的海岬皮毛密集的殖民地。是个好机会来体验和接触这些惊人的海洋动物。

第 6
斯瓦科普蒙德 -318公里- 霍里克萨斯
早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐 达马拉兰或同级

- 霍里克萨斯镇 - 是纳米比亚独立前达马拉兰班图斯坦时期的首府。

- 推菲尔泉 - 纳米比亚第一个世界遗产。推菲尔泉是最大的单一收藏布须曼门人石刻版图画品在非洲大陆也是世界上唯一,是一个历史悠久的地区,可以追溯到公元1000年。密却关注超过2500个动物描绘,人类以及200块岩石上的奇怪和神秘的符号附加上岩画描绘。

第 7
霍里克萨斯 -227公里- 埃托沙国家公园
早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐 埃托沙当地4星或同级

- 辛巴村 - 当地独特村庄,那里是游牧民族很容易被他们独特的头发和服装风格所辨认出来。在这里,探索纳米比亚的土族传统生活方式还有他们的家园是用粘土和牛粪混合建构还有树枝覆盖茅草屋顶,他们克拉尔式茅屋和家畜。此外,你将有机会到辛巴族部落并参他们的日常活动。欣赏由他们演奏的传统辛巴舞蹈表演名为Ondjongo结束游览。

第 8
早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐 埃托沙当地4星或同级

埃托沙国家公园 - 南非精致重点的野生动物保护区之一。是世界闻名壮观的野生动植物天堂。开放在平原让专业车导乘坐吉普车导览欣赏到壮观的野生生态。体验晚间野生生态导览,寻找大象,狮子,黑和白犀牛,豹子,长颈鹿以及其他动物生存活动在这大自然生态界律里。这生态导览包括国家保护区公园探索,以一个游民在壮观的观点结束后用晚膳。

第 9
埃托沙国家公园 -414公里- 温得和克 - 亚的斯亚贝巴 - 新加坡 - 吉隆坡
早餐 / 机上用餐

- 早晨,接送到温得和克机场乘坐航班返回吉隆坡在亚的斯亚贝巴转机途径新加坡。

第 10

- 早上抵达吉隆坡带着对纳米比亚美妙之旅的美好回忆。

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