12天9晚 探索拉普兰の奇幻旅程 -“与北极光有个梦幻的约会” 体验神奇破冰游船之旅!!

• 7nights above the Arctic Circle to catch the Northern Lights • Deluxe Aurora Glass Igloo Cabin Stay • Ice Breaking Cruise Experience • Abisko - reputedly best place in the world to view Aurora Borealis. • Mount Storsteinen & Tromso Fjords “Northern Lights” hunt • Kiruna IceHotel experience
DINING SPECIALS: • Eat all you can King Crab • Sauteed reindeer *Daily hot breakfast served in all hotels. *specific restaurants mentioned will be replaced if closed for private events.
Depart KLIA
  • Depart from Kuala Lumpur International Airport.
Arrive Oslo, Norway
Hotel dinner Thon/ Scandic or Similiar
Oslo city tour
  • Visit Viking Ship Museum, 3 housing of the best preserved Viking ships; Oseberg , Gokstad and Tune.
  • Visit Vigeland Sculpture Park with over 200 sculptures created by Gustav Vigeland placed around a large park.
  • Enjoy great vista of Aker Brygge from Akershus Fortress.
  • See Oslo’s key landmarks such as the Royal Palace, City Hall and the iconic Oslo Opera House. 
Oslo ✈ Kirkenes
Hotel breakfast / - / King Crab dinner Thon/ Scandic or Similiar
This morning, board a flight to Kirkenes, the capital of the Barents Region.
Arctic Crab Safari 
  • Begin your evening by hopping a snowmobile (2 persons per machine) on a sledge pulled by snowmobile to the frozen Barents Sea to pick up the giant king crabs from the cage and pose with them.
  • After which, feast on the succulent and fresh king crabs for dinner.

Kirkenes - 268km - Saariselka, Finland
Hotel breakfast / Hotel lunch / Western dinner Aurora Glass Cabin or Similiar
Huskies Safari
  • Meet the adorable Siberian huskies before experiencing the thrilling husky sled ride (2persons/sled) as a musher in control of your own teams of dogs. Enjoy every bit of this exciting slalom as the huskies pull you at a speedy but safe pace through the breathtaking countryside.
Aurora Glass Cabin stay
  • Check into the Premium Aurora Glass Cabin with glass-roofed arctic view rooms and witness Lapland's ever-charging nature while enjoying the comforts of a hotel room. Each room has its own bathroom with shower.
Tonight, take a short walk away from the lights near your cabin to improve the chance of Aurora sighting.
Saariselka -155km - Luosto - 120km - Rovaniemi
Hotel breakfast / - / Chinese dinner Scandic / Vaakuna or Similiar
Reindeer Farm experience
  • Upon arrival at one of the region's Reindeer farm, adjourn to a Lappish wooden hut "Kota" to enjoy a traditional Lappish lunch.
  • Learn from the Sami guides on how to feed reindeers and catch one with a traditional rope suapunki" while listening to Lapland tales.
  • Experience riding a reindeer sleigh.
Santa Claus Village
  • In Rovaniemi, visit the most magical winter wonderland village of Santa Claus.
  •  "Meet" with Santa Claus and send your friends and relatives special greeting cards from the Santa Claus Post Office.
  • Collect an Arctic Circle certificate for yourself to signify that you have croosed the Arctic Circle.
Rovaniemi - 133km(168km) - Kemi (Batskarsnas) - 133km(168km) - Rovaniemi
Hotel breakfast / Cruise lunch / Western dinner Scandic / Vaakuna or Similiar
Ice Breaking Cruise ( Sampo or Polar Explorer)
  • Enjoy a 3 hours cruise in the frozen Bothnian sea. You will witness the  ice breaking power of the vessel, have a guided tour of the engine rooms and all way up to Captain’s bridge. You can relax in the cozy saloon, or go for walk on the frozen sea ice during the stop. Every visitor can take a swim in the dark icy water in flotation survival suit. The captain will present a Cruise & Swim Certificate to everyone as a memorable gift.
Rovaniemi - 334km - Kiruna - 123km - Abisko (Bjorkliden) , Sweden
Hotel breakfast/ - / Hotel dinner Hotel Fjallet or Similiar
Kiruna Icehotel experience
  • Cross the Swedish border to Kiruna for lunch and visit the fascinating Ice Hotel in Jukkassarvi, built entirely with snow and ice. 
Abisko Northern Lights Experience
  • Abisko has a great reputation in Lapland for its sightings of Aurora Borealis, due to its location in a low precipitation micro-climate and more clear nights than virtually any other of the destination. It is a  top destination for catching the Northern Lights.
  • Tonight, we will walk into the wilderness with spectacular views over Lake Tornetrask in search of the dancing lights.

Abisko (Bjorkliden) - 117km - Bardu, Norway - 184km - Tromso
Hotel breakfast / Light lunch / Chinese dinner Radisson Blue / Scandic Hotel or Similiar
A scenic drive through various fjords brings us to he largest city of Northern Norway, Tromso via Bardu.
Polar Park, Bardu
  • Visit the northernmost widlife park in the world which Arctic predators such as bears, lyns, wolverines and foxes as well as their prey such as deer, elk, reindeer and musk that lives inside the park.
Mount Storsteinen "Northern Lights" spectacle
  • Take the "fjelheisen" cable car to the top of 420metre hill viewpoint. Enjoy great views of Tromso while anticipating the appearance of the aurora lights.
Hotel breakfast / Western lunch / Western dinner Scandic chain hotel or sml
Tromso city tour
  • Visit the famous Arctic Cathedral, a stunning architectural creation which is known as “Opera House of Norway”.
  • Visit Polaria Aquarium to learn about arctic wildlife. Browse the “Arctic Walkway” ,watch the visual films and check out the bearded seals in an open pool.
  • Enjoy the last night to hunt for the Northern Lights with your tour manager. It will require a short walk (about 15minutes).
Tromso ✈ Oslo
Hotel breakfast/ Chinese lunch / Western dinner Thon / Scandic Hotel or Similiar
  • In the morning, leave Arctic Norway on a flight to Oslo with best memories of a Northern Lights hunting experience .
  • Browse the busy Karl Johan Street, the heartbeat of the capital city.

Oslo / Depart for home
Hotel breakfast
  • Transfer to airport for flight home in the afternoon.
Arrival Home
  • Tour ends upon reaching KLIA with fond memories of a vacation.
1) Aurora Borealis - Sighting of this visual spectacle is dependent on solar activity; cloud cover & general weather conditions. Hence it can never be guaranteed. 2) Tour manager will make the best possible decision when hunting the Northern Lights. If the weather conditions neither in nor favourable, the hunt will be cancelled. 3) The sequence of itinerary, meals and hotel arrangement are subject to the final adjustment. It is due to limitation of glass igloos and domestic flights. 4) Lapland Hotels has no star grading – equivalent will be provided. 5) Weather condition in Lapland is very unpredictable, roads and attractions may close at short notice, and we will proceed with the alternative routings in such scenarios based on the best possible situation. 6) Passenger may choose to opt to use a bus for further and longer hunting Northern Lights duration; this has to be agreed by whole group and informed 3 days before. The costs will be shared equally among the group members. 7) Some accommodations may not have specific twin or double room types. Triple room sharing will be based on extra roll in bed basics.
• 7个晚捕捉北极光的机会 • 在独具风格的优质玻璃屋顶冰屋 • 神奇破冰游船之旅 • 阿比斯库 -据说是世界最好观看北极光的地方 • 斯托斯坦恩山& 特罗姆瑟峡湾追捕“北极光” • 基律纳冰之旅馆体验
特别餐饮: ·帝王蟹餐 ·芬兰驯鹿肉 *所有酒店每日提供美式热早餐。 *以上餐厅如因私人活动关闭将 以其他餐厅取代
第 1
  • 从吉隆玻国际机场出发
第 2
抵达奥斯陆, 挪威
酒店晚餐 松恩 / 斯堪迪克酒店或同级
  • 参观维京船博物馆,展示三个保存最完好的维京船:Oseberg, Gokstad和 Tune维京船。
  • 参观维格兰雕塑公园,里拥有超过200个青铜和花岗岩雕塑都是出 自古斯塔夫的创作。
  • 前往阿肯修弗斯城堡,欣赏Aker Brygge的美景。
  • 驱车欣赏奥斯陆中心的重要地标,如:皇宫、市政厅和标志性的奥 斯陆歌剧院。
第 3
奥斯陆 ✈ 希尔科内斯
酒店早餐 / - / 帝王蟹餐 斯堪迪克酒店或同级
早上,搭乘航班前往巴伦支斯地区的首府 - 希尔科内斯
  • 在冰天雪地的巴伦支海上骑着雪地摩托(每2个人一架)来开启您精彩的体验。从笼子里捡起巨大的帝王蟹,并与它们一起摆姿势拍照留念。
  • 之后,享用肉质新鲜的帝王蟹晚餐。 
第 4
希尔克内斯 - 268公里 - 萨利色尔卡, 芬兰
酒店早餐 / 酒店午餐 / 西式晚餐 玻璃冰屋
  • 一起来体验哈士奇狗拉雪橇(两人一个雪橇)。在这您可以当 驾驶员去控制您所属团队的狗,享受雪橇犬所带来的速度感, 风光奇丽,拉普兰的美景。
  • 入住体验夢幻芬兰玻璃屋中睡觉的独特体验。这新颖的优质玻 璃冰屋均配有暖气、带花洒淋浴的私人浴室。在舒适的冰屋可 以通过玻璃穹顶一览壮观极光、星星与拉普兰多变的大自然。 享受着一个毕生难忘的北极光体验现象!

第 5
萨利色尔卡 -155公里- 罗斯托 -120公里- 罗瓦涅米
酒店早餐 / - / 中式晚餐 斯堪酒店或同级
  • 抵达该地区的驯鹿农场之一,来到芬兰小木屋“Kota” 里, 享受传统的拉普兰式的午餐。
  • 从萨米的导游讲解他们如何喂养驯鹿、一边听传统的 “suapunki”、一边了解拉普兰的故事。
  • 体验骑驯鹿雪橇,并可获得驯鹿驾驶执照作为纪念。
  • 来到罗凡涅米, 到访着在童虎故事里圣诞老人的村庄活现在您眼前。
  • 宁能于亲切幽默的圣诞老公公见面, 还可以在圣诞老人邮局的总部, 你可以基础这里独有的明星片和邮票送给您的亲朋好友。
  • 您将获得跨越北极圈线的证书留念。
第 6
罗瓦涅米 - 133公里 (168公里) - 凯米(巴特斯卡斯納斯) - 133公里(168公里) - 罗瓦涅米
酒店早餐 / 游船午餐 / 西式晚餐 斯堪酒店或同级
  • 今天,为您安排大约3小时位于在波的尼亚海湾冰冻的水中的神奇破冰船游轮体验 (含漂浮保温衣)。让我们目睹船只的巨大破 冰力量,并在寒冷的海冰上行走。这艘破冰船得以让您在这冰 水里游泳。经过这个经历,船长将为您呈现一张游轮与游泳证书作为难忘的纪念品。
第 7
罗瓦涅米 -334公里- 基律纳 -123公里- 阿比斯库, 瑞典
酒店早餐 / 酒店午餐 / 酒店晚餐 山之旅馆或同级
  • 参观基律纳冰之旅馆,内部都已冰作为雕刻、采用不同主题设 计得很精致,而室内温度维持在摄氏零下5至8度,房内饰以由 多位国际艺术家亲手雕刻的冰雕家饰。在此享用盛裝於冰製酒 杯中的雞尾酒。
  • 由于阿比斯库地处降水微小气候,夜晚会比任何北极圈里其他 的地方来的清澈,因此其目睹极光而闻名于世。这里乃捕捉北 极光的最佳目的地之一。晚上,与您的旅游经理一起秘寻绚丽 的极光。

第 8
阿比斯库 -117km- 巴都 -184km- 特罗姆瑟, 挪威
酒店早餐 / 简便午餐 / 中式晚餐 丽笙酒店或同级
途径哥哥壮丽的峡湾, 领着我们来到挪威北部最大的城市 - 特罗姆瑟
  • 参观世界最北端的野生动物园, 里面的动物种类多是北极圈内才能看见的如: 棕熊, 猞猁和北极狐等等。
  • 享用晚餐后,开始您的第一次追寻“极光狩” 。乘搭缆车来到 420米的山顶观景台,欣赏特罗姆瑟的美景与其同时期待舞灯 的出现。欣赏绚丽的极光在城市灯光下的舞动在夜空里。
第 9
酒店早餐 / 西式午餐 / 西式晚餐 丽笙酒店或同级
途径各个壮丽的峡湾, 领着我们来到挪威北部最大的城市 - 特罗姆瑟。
  • 参观著名的北极大教堂, 惊叹于它独特的建筑风格誉为“挪威歌剧院”。
  • 参观北极星水族馆去了解北极野生动物生态。 游览“北极走道”、欣赏小电影、并在开放式游泳池观赏有胡子海豹。
  • 最后一个晚上与您的旅游经理一起秘寻与一睹北极光的芳顏。

第 10
特罗姆瑟 ✈ 奥斯陆
酒店早餐 / - / 西式晚餐 松恩 / 斯堪迪克酒店或同级
  • 早晨,带着美好的极光回忆离开并乘搭航班飞往挪威首都 - 奥斯陆。
  • 溜达在首都的繁忙地段 -卡尔约翰斯卡德大街。
第 11
奥斯陆 / 启程回国
  • 下午时分,前往机场乘机返回家园。
第 12
  • 希望您度过一个愉快的假期,并盼望能 再次与您畅游下一个旅游胜地!
The above itinerary is for reference only, and is subject to any necessary changes in accordance to local requirements. 上述行程仅供参考,原则上本公司会尽量保持内容不变,然而正确行程乃依据当地接待社按当时实际情况重新调整后为准。

  • Inclusive 配套包括
  • Return economy air fare.
  • Tours and sightseeing entrance fees as specified in the itinerary.
  • Meals as per itinerary.
  • Complimentary Travel Bag.
  • Premium tourist class hotels, majority with free wifi (at least at the lobby).
    高级旅游酒店,大部分都有提供免费无线网络,否则至少在酒店大堂有上网服务 。
  • ENTRANCES/FEES INCLUDED: • Arctic Crab Safari   – Hunting the Lights by Snowmobile • Reindeer Farm experience • Huskies Safari • Ice Breaking Cruise    – Sampo or Polar Explorer • Crossing of Arctic Circle Certificate • Santa Claus Village • Ice Hotel, Kiruna • Arctic Circle Train • Mt Storsteinen gondola • Polaria Aquarium • Viking museum, Oslo
    入场费用:·北极蟹体验    – 骑雪地摩托车捕捉北极光 ·驯鹿农场 ·哈士奇狗拉雪橇 ·体验神奇破冰游船之旅 ·圣诞老人村 ·跨越北极圈证书 ·基律纳冰之旅馆 ·北极圈列车 ·斯托斯坦恩山缆车 ·北极星水族馆 ·维京维京船博物馆,奥斯陆
  • Exclude 不包括
  • Airport Taxes (Subject to changes).
  • Porterage service at hotel and airport.
  • Personal Expenses and other items not mentioned in the program.
  • Any other entrance fees and extra meals & drink not mentioned in the program.
  • Excess baggage fees.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Agent collection fees.
  • All prices and itineraries are for reference only and may subject to change. Please contact our tour consultants for more information.
  • Compulsory 强制项目
  • Package itinerary and flight schedule subject to change.
  • Malaysian Harmony Tour & Travel Sdn Bhd term & conditions will apply
  • It is the responsibility of the tour members to ensure that their names are cleared from blacklisted by any regulatory bodies in Malaysia or destination that may prohibit
  • Passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel.
  • Not all hotels have rooms for 3 person(Triple sharing). Therefore, extra bed will be added only on twin sharing rooms.
    并非所有酒店提供3人房间(三人间)。 因此会安排双人房加床服务。
  • Not all hotel provide electric kettle and ironing facilities.
  • All flights and hotels are provisional and will be subjected to change until final confirmation.
  • We reserve the right to alter the sequence or change, amend or alter the itinerary if necessary, with or without prior notice.
  • Price quoted for tour fare , fuel surcharge and airport taxes  subject to change due to currency fluctuation.
    报价, 燃油附加费和机场税会因货币波动而调整。
  • Please note that all prices published at the time of booking are based on the current exchange rate of Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) with the US Dollar (USD), Euro, Swiss Franc (CHF), and Australian Dollar (AUD). Due to the volatility of the MYR exchange rate against these above mentioned currencies, the package price will be subjected to change upon full payment, 45 days before departure. Malaysian Harmony Tour & Travel Sdn Bhd will keep all Tour Members informed in the event of any changes.
    请注意在预订时所有报价以马来西亚零吉(MYR)和美元(USD),欧元(EUR),瑞士法郎(CHF)和澳元(AUD)的汇率计算。 由于与上述货币调整,MYR汇率变动,配套价格将在出发前45天全额付款。 任何变动我社将会随时通知有关旅费调整。
  • DEPOSIT & TOUR PAYMENTS : - Deposit RM4000 per person required upon booking.
    预定团费付款: - 每人需付RM4000。