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Guiyang / Zhijin / Xingyi - Huangguoshu Waterfalls
贵阳 / 织金 / 兴义 - 黄果树瀑布
Chicken Local Cuisine,Qian Local flavor ,Canyon local rest ,Qian Xi Cuisine , Welcome Banquet Local Flavor, Colorful Guizhou Cusine
Meals on board Yuan Yuan Rui Hotel or similar Local 5* KUALA LUMPUR / GUIYANG OD608 1750 -2200
  • Depart from Kuala Lumpur, on board your pleasant flight to Guiyang. Members of the group at the designated time gathered at the airport, take the plane to fly to the Chinese forest city - Guiyang
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Golden Jade Dragon City Hotel or Similar Local 5*
Guiyang to Zhijin Cave Scenic Area (baggy car) [Zhijin Cave Scenic Spot (Baggy car)] also known as the chicken cave, located in Zhijin County, Bijie, 156 kilometers from Guiyang and 145 kilometers from Anshun, is a national scenic spot. The cave is characterized by "big, strange and complete". It is a treasure house of large and peculiar cave resources found in China, with more than 40 kinds of karst accumulation. The form, known as the "karst Museum", has a relative height of more than 150 meters and a maximum width of 175 meters, with a total area of 60 to 100 meters wide, a total area of about 700000 square feet, and a maximum accumulation of 70 meters, more than 7 meters higher than the largest Cuban Martin mountain cave in the world, from the body of the cave. At the height of the accumulation and accumulation, it is two or three times larger than the cave of the European countries such as France and Yugoslavia, which have been ranked as the top six of the world's tourist caverns. Zhijin was built in the five year of Kangxi (1666 AD), that is, Wu Sangui suppressed the water west, and the original water west soil division was converted to the soil, and the city of Jian Pingyuan, Kangxi, was reduced to the state of Pingyuan. The Republic of China was changed into Zhijin County in three years
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Hotel Phoenix or Meng Le City River Hotel or similar Local 5*
Zhijin to Maling River Canyon stone pavilion to Maling River Canyon + Sky Star Gallery ~ Xingyi [The Malling River Canyon + Sky Star Gallery] 6 kilometers northeast of Xingyi City, the river originates from the white gorge of the mun mountain system, and is called the malling River on both sides of the middle reaches of the middle reaches of Ma Ling Dazhai and Ma Ling village. The sky star gallery is the essence of the Canyon Scenic Spot, with a large scale of waterfall and rock page wall hanging to form the main landscape features, although only 1.7 kilometers long, but there are "Ma Ma roar", "Pearl Waterfall", "veil waterfall", "intermittent five fold", "moon fall", "wash heart waterfall", "road curtain waterfall", "flfei fall waterfall" and so on 13. The waterfall, and the hanging stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone and other landscapes, such as "jade buildings", are all places to swim. The Marilyn Valley Pavilion: the Guizhou dragon fossils, the sea lily fossils and various paleontological fossils in the exit of the malling River Canyon, make you feel the thick and heavy of the earth's vicissitudes and history
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Huangguoshu Waterfalls parting or similar Local 5*
Xingyi to Wanfeng Lake + Yacht to West Wanfeng forest (Optional Tour ) to Huangguoshu Waterfalls [Wanfeng Lake (Include Cruise) ] special arrangement is to take pleasure boats to visit Wan Feng Lake area and enjoy the peak forest landscape in Karst. Wanfeng Lake is a key hydropower project in China. An artificial lake is formed after the construction of the Tianshengqiao high dam power station. Thousands of mountains in the lake constitute the thousands of islands or peninsula, the lake is surrounded by water, the mountains are mixed, and the lake and mountain are full of eyes. [West Wan Feng Lake Forest (Optional Tour)] located in the southeast of Xingyi, it is famous for the typical Karst basin Valley and peak forest geomorphology with great momentum, beautiful shape and peculiar peak rock. Its essence is in the side of the lower five Tuen NAH Fu River, such as bamboo shoot peaks and colorful pastoral areas, and form a beautiful scene
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner New World Hotel or Pullman hotel or similar Local 5*
Huangguoshu Waterfalls Huangguoshu Waterfall + include Scenic Eco-car ~ steep slope pond waterfall to Tianxing bridge scenic area + water stone forest + silver chain pendant waterfall to Colorful Guizhou Dance Performance (Optional Tour ) to Guiyang [Huangguoshu Waterall Scenic Area] the national key scenic spot of Huangguoshu Waterfalls is rated as the national 4A scenic area. Huangguoshu Waterfalls big waterfalls is the main brand of Guizhou tourism, attracting millions of tourists every year. The Huangguoshu Waterfalls waterfall is 77.8 meters high, 101 meters wide, magnificent and magnificent. It can be heard from ten miles away. It is the only waterfall in the world that can be viewed from the six directions of the upper, the lower, the front, the left, and the right. It is also the largest waterfall in Asia. "Tianxing bridge scenic area" is located 6 kilometers downstream of the Huangguoshu Waterfall, there are 3 connected blocks, that is, "Tianxing bonsai", "Tianxing cave", "water stone forest area". The Tianxing bridge scenic spot is densely stalagmite with luxuriant vegetation. It is a collection of mountains, water, forests and holes. It is praised by visitors as "The scenic area is formed by the collapse of the underground river. The "natural bridge", which is about 300 meters wide, is swallowed up by the dark river. "Steep slope pond waterfall" is located 1 kilometers from the upper reaches of Huangguoshu Waterfall, a waterfall with a width of 105 meters wide and 21 meters high in the top of the waterfall. It is also the largest waterfall on the top of the Huangguoshu Waterfall group. The waterfall is a huge pool of 15 thousand square meters on the top of the waterfall, and the waterfall is formed on a more than 100 meter long calcium beach dam. Roar! The voice is called the "roar waterfall". [Colorful Guizhou Dance Performance (Optional Tour )]
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner GUIYANG / KUALA LUMPUR OD609 2300-0335
Guiyang to Qianling Park (Hong Fusi) to Qingyan Ancient Town (Optional Tour), Colorful Guizhou cultural and creative garden to Kuala Lumpur [Qianling Park] is known as "Guiyang's rear garden" and "the first mountain of Qiannan". It is on the top of the mountain to overlook the panoramic view of Guiyang. In the park, the ancient trees are dense, and the vegetation is dense. There are more than 1500 kinds of trees and flowers and more than 1000 precious medicinal herbs on the mountain. It is found everywhere, and there are groups of rhesus monkeys and birds perching here. After 24 abduction to the top of the mountain, the temple was built in the first Buddhist temple in Guizhou. The temple was built in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty. The monastery was laid out in a form of armor, located on the karst rock of the 3 mountain peaks. [Qingyan ancient town (Optional Tour)] : one of the four ancient towns in Guizhou, located in the southern suburb of Guiyang, built in Ming Hongwu ten years (1378). It was originally a military fortress. In the ancient town, the ancient architecture of Ming and Qing Dynasties was interlaced with ingenious design and exquisite workmanship. The town is full of talents, including Zhou Yuhuang, a famous historical figure, and Zhao Yijiong, the first scholar in the history of Guizhou. There are historical relics of Qingyan teaching plan site, Zhao Zhuangyuan residence, Mr. Ping Gang's former residence, and the Red Army's Long March operational headquarters in modern history. Zhou Enlai's father, Deng Yingchao's mother, Li Kenong and other revolutionary predecessors and their families have lived in Qingyan secretly. [Colorful Guizhou Cultural and creative garden ] the colorful Guizhou scenic spot is the most comprehensive and largest comprehensive and largest tourist scenic spot in Guizhou Province under the guidance of the Propaganda Department of Guizhou Provincial Committee of the Guizhou Provincial Committee, and the Wen Chuang park scenic area is the core of the "characteristic" plate of "the five color show Guizhou". With the intangible cultural heritage of various ethnic minorities in Guizhou Province as the soul, Wen Chuang scenic area leads the scenic spot with cultural creativity, cultural display, cultural experience, cultural aesthetic education and cultural leisure. It takes the visual, auditory, tactile and taste as the means to show the cultural connotation and connotation of Guizhou in all directions. It is the first place to publicize Guizhou's spiritual civilization, and it is the first choice to show Guizhou's culture and experience Guizhou's national culture and customs
Arrival Kuala Lumpur
土鸡风味,黔菜风味, 峡谷风味,布衣风味,迎宾宴风味, 多彩贵州宴.
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吉隆坡 ✈ 贵阳
机上用餐 安元瑞琪大酒店当地5星或同级 吉隆坡/ 贵阳 OD608 1750 -2200
各团员於指定时间齐集於机场, 搭乘客机飞往位于中国森林城市 - 贵阳,抵达后入住酒店感受魅力贵阳!
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贵阳- (2.5小时)织金
早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐 金玉龙城大酒店当地5星或同级


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织金 - (3.5小时) 兴义
早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐 凤凰大酒店或梦乐城大酒店当地5星或同级

【马岭河峡谷+天星画廊】位于兴义城东北6公里处,河流发源于乌蒙山系白果岭,因中游处两岸有马别大寨与马岭寨而称「马岭河」天星画廊是峡谷景区精华部分,以规模宏大的瀑布群及岩页壁挂形成主要景观特色,虽然长仅1.7公里,但却有「万马咆哮」,「珍珠瀑」,「面纱瀑」,「间歇五叠」,「捞月瀑」,「洗心瀑」,「路帘瀑」,「飞厅瀑」等13条瀑布;而悬挂堆积的钟乳石,石笋,石柱,石幔等景观,有如「琼楼玉宇」 ,皆是必游之处马岭河峡谷奇石馆:位于马岭河峡谷出口处的馆中的贵州龙化石,海百合化石及各种古生物化石,让您感受到地球沧桑历史的厚重,让人叹为观止!
第 4
兴义 - (3小时) 黄果树
早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐 黄果树柏兰廷大酒店当地5星或同级

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黄果树 - (2小时)贵阳
早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐 新世界大酒店或铂尔曼大酒店当地5星或同级
黄果树〜黄果树瀑布+含景区环保车〜陡坡塘瀑布〜天星桥景区+水上石林+银链家潭瀑布〜多彩贵州风大型民族歌舞表演(自费专案)〜 贵阳

【黄果树瀑布景区】黄果树国家重点风景名胜区被评为国家4A级景区,其中的「黄果树大瀑布」是贵州旅游的主打品牌,每年都吸引着数百万的游客黄果树大瀑布高77.8米,宽101米,雄伟壮观,气势滂礴,十里之外就能听到它的咆哮,是世界上唯一可以从上,下,前,后,左,右六个方位观赏的瀑布,也是亚洲最大的瀑布。 【天星桥风景区】位于黄果树瀑布下游6公里处,这里有3个连接的区块,即「天星盆景区」,「天星洞景区」,「水上石林区」。天星桥景区石笋密集,植被茂盛,集山,水,林,洞为一体,被游人称赞为:「。『风刀水剑刻就』的「万倾盆景」,『根笔藤墨绘帛』的「千古绝画」」风景区是由地下河塌陷所形成,宽约300公尺的「天生桥」,上下奇壁,瀑布飞泻,激流滚滚被暗河吞没的。
第 6
贵阳 ✈ 吉隆坡
早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐 贵阳 / 吉隆坡 OD609 2300-0335

【青岩古镇(自费专案) 】贵州四大古镇之一,位于贵阳市南郊,建于明洪武十年(1378年),原为军事要塞。栋雕梁,飞角重檐相间。镇人文荟萃,有历史名人周渔璜,清末状元赵以炯(贵州历史上第一个文状元)。镇内有近代史上震惊中外的青岩教案遗址,赵状元府第,平刚先生故居,红军长征作战指挥部等历史文物。周恩来的父亲,邓颖超的母亲李克农等革命前辈及其家属均在青岩秘密居住过。
【多彩贵州文化创意园】 多彩贵州风景眼文创园景区是多彩贵州文化产业集团在贵州省委宣传部指导下投资建设的贵州省综合性最强,规模最大的门户文化旅游景区,文创园景区是“五色秀贵州”当中“特色”板块的核心龙头,文创园景区以贵州省各少数民族非物质文化遗产为灵魂,以文化创意,文化展示,文化体验,文化美育,文化休闲为景区项目引领,以视觉,听觉,触觉,味觉为手段,全方位呈现贵州文化底蕴与内涵。是宣传贵州精神文明的第一阵地,是展示游览贵州文化,体验贵州民族文化风情的首选之地

第 7
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  • West Wanfeng forest + Colorful Guizhou wind large national song and dance performance + Qingyan Ancient Town  = RMB398/Pax
    西万峰林(八卦田+电瓶车)+大型民族歌舞表演“多彩贵州风” +青岩古鎮 = RMB398/人
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